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Malcolm A. Smith was a Democratic member of the New York State Senate for the 14th district, a portion of southeast Queens that includes Hollis, St. Albans, Cambria Heights, Queens Village, Springfield Gardens and parts of Jamaica. From 2009 to 2010, Smith was Temporary President of the New York State Senate, the first African American to hold that position.

On April 2, 2013, Smith was arrested by the FBI on federal corruption and other charges. The United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York and the New York FBI alleged that Smith attempted to secure a spot on the Republican ballot in the 2013 New York City mayoral election through bribery of New York City Councilman Dan Halloran and two other Republican officials who were also arrested.
In September 2014 primary voters in Queens rejected Smith, mainly due to his indictment on corruption charges of bribery and extortion. His opponent Leroy Comrie, a former city councilman, won in a landslide. The following year Malcolm A. Smith was convicted of all charges against him, and sentenced to 7 years in federal prison.

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— Senator Malcolm A. Smith

  Senator Malcolm A. Smith was unanimously elected State Senate Minority Leader by his fellow Senators in November of 2006. Senator Smith brings unique skills and a diverse background in both the private and public sector to the State Senate, where he has served the 14th Senate District since 2000. As a real estate developer, economic development expert and legislative aide, Senator Smith has been a major contributor to bringing jobs and opportunity to his Southeastern Queens community.

  Throughout his career in public service, Senator Smith has used his skills as a manager and real estate developer to help revitalize the Queens community. Prior to being elected to the State Senate, Senator Smith served as a senior aide to former Congressman Floyd H. Flake, chief aide to former City Councilman Archie Spigner, a City Hall assistant to former Mayor Edward I. Koch and was a member of the national advance staff for Vice-presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro.

  Senator Smith is a former executive in the New York City Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and has served as President of the Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica. Senator Smith created the not-for-profit Southeast Queens Housing Development Corporation to purchase, rehabilitate and sell City and HUD owned properties. Senator Smith is also well known in his community as the founder of Operation Excellence, a training program for students in real estate development, which is regularly featured on local television.

  In 1985, as President of the Neighborhood Housing Services of Jamaica, Senator Smith created two citywide loan programs: a home improvement optional loan program and a mixed-use rehabilitation loan program designed to restore commercial and residential properties on commercial strips. Senator Smith was successful in convincing five banks and the City of New York's Housing Preservation and Development Agency to capitalize the program with $2.2 million in loans.

  Senator Smith also developed the "Challenge to Minority Banks Program," which highlighted the need for increased business at minority-owned banks in the city. Deposits in minority-owned banks rose to an average of $22 million annually between 1983 and 1985, due in part to this successful program.

  As a private sector developer and President and Founder of Smith Development Corporation, Senator Smith has built over 100 much needed housing units in Southeastern Queens, Far Rockaway and Brooklyn, including several noteworthy commercial projects such as Pathmark Plaza-Springfield Gardens, the interior of the FAA building and the baseball fields at Roy Wilkins Park in Jamaica.

  In the State Senate, Senator Smith has fought to expand social and economic opportunities for his constituents. Senator Smith has brought tens of millions of dollars back into his district to help build affordable housing, improve Queens schools, provide health care for the needy, keep higher education affordable and create good paying jobs.

  As a believer in his "thinking forward" philosophy and the principle that "relationships yield results," Senator Smith has worked to bring together diverse groups with a common goal in mind. In 2004, as part of the New York to Shanghai Trade Mission, Senator Smith led a delegation of local businesses to China, to open up a robust reciprocal exchange between our two wondrous cultural and economic commonwealths. Several of the businesses that traveled with Senator Smith overseas are currently conducting business in China in the areas of cosmetics and perfume, beer distribution, jewelry and professional services. The trip was so successful that Senator Smith has expanded his business-to-business relationships to include an economic, cultural and educational "Sister to Sister" relationship between New York State and India.

  In addition to his interests in community revitalization and affordable housing, Senator Smith has worked on several other issues affecting his constituents, including the environment, economic development, transportation and technology. In his first year in the State Senate, Senator Smith secured $10 million from the MTA for much needed improvements to LIRR Stations in his Queens District. In the same year, Senator Smith collaborated with Assemblywoman Barbara Clarke to secure $1 million for the Jamaica Clinic, a first-of-its-kind health clinic in Hollis, New York.

  In 2002, Senator Smith collaborated with City and State officials to negotiate an agreement yielding $10 million to clean up the Westside Corporation Toxic Site in Jamaica, Queens. These much needed funds were secured despite the Superfund being bankrupt. Working with Assemblywoman Audrey Pheffer and the Governor, Senator Smith also helped secure $1 million for support programs in the Rockaways in the wake of the Flight 587 plane crash tragedy in November 2001.

  Senator Smith's representative governance and leadership style is essentially about individual will manifesting itself into a substantive vision for the collective common good of all. He believes that every challenge we encounter in life is simply an opportunity for solution.

  Toward this end, he has created progressive and visionary programs in his district, including Operation Everybody Works (OEW), a pilot program that found a meaningful job for one individual a day for a period of 90 consecutive days. He has shepherded a purposeful litany of task forces, including Operation Safe Southeast Queens (OSSEQ), a program that formed a nexus between the NYPD, civic organizations, church leaders and local businesses to effectively address the hot spots of crime in local communities.

  In terms of policy, Senator Smith has distinguished himself as an effective legislator and advocate in the areas of Economic Development, Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprise Issues, Health, Housing, Education and Judicial Diversity. In a pre-reform environment, he found ways to draw attention to these most important issues -- through public forums with expert testimony and lobby days with passionate advocates -- when the traditional institutional means were blocked.

  Ever a believer in the true economic principle that competition is what drives innovation, results, and excellence, Senator Smith is a proud supporter of public charter schools. He is the founder of Peninsula Preparatory Academy, the first public charter school in the Rockaways, and serves on the Board of Trustees of the Merrick Academy-Queens Public Charter School in Jamaica Queens.

  Most recently, Senator Smith has been chairing a series of statewide public forums concerning the important topic of judicial diversity. The stated goal of these forums is to create a "Lasting Blueprint For Judicial Diversity" in New York State, so that the judges on our benches, both elective and appointive, are eminently and robustly reflective of the rich diversity that is a source of absolute strength for our State.

  Senator Smith is a graduate of Fordham University, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Economics. Senator Smith furthered his education with a certificate program on negotiations from Harvard Law School and obtained an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Operations Management from Adelphi University.

  Senator Smith is married to the former Michele Lisby. They are the parents of two children, Julian and Amanda. Senator Smith is a member of the Greater Allen Cathedral in Queens, New York, where Floyd H. Flake and Elaine M. Flake serve as Pastor and Co-Pastor, respectively.

  As Senate Minority Leader, Senator Smith is an ex officio member of all Senate standing committees and the ranking Minority member of the Rules Committee.
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"Today, as an Elector for the people of New York, I will have the honor of casting a vote for Barack Obama to become the next President of the United States. 145 years since Abraham Lincoln declared all people, regardless of race, to be free citizens and just 50 years since our country recognized that separate is never equal and segregation can never be tolerated, I am deeply humbled to have the privilege of being part of the process to formally elect the first African American President.

The voters of New York have spoken, asking for change and a new approach to governing and government. With our new president in Washington and a new day in Albany, I look forward to bringing the voters the change we need."


In the News 2008

Sean Bell Verdict

Monday, April 28, 2008

On Friday, April 25 I sent a letter to the United States Attorney General after the verdict in the Sean Bell case was announced seeking an investigation of the facts of this case under federal criminal civil rights laws. As you may know, on Friday afternoon, the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and the FBI, New York Field Division, announced that they are undertaking an investigation of the facts and circumstances of this case.

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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Statement from Senator Malcolm A. Smith on the Anniversary of the March on Selma

Being in Selma to commemorate the historic events of 42 years ago was a highly emotional experience for me. It filled me with a sense of great humility and gratitude for the generation of leaders that came before me, who literally risked life and limb so that future generations would enjoy greater freedom and greater opportunities.

President Bill Clinton's offer to travel with him to be part of the March, witness his induction to the Voting Rights Hall of Fame and the 4 hours of conversation was an experience I will never forget. He is one of the most charming and brilliant individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet.


Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Statement from Senator Malcolm A. Smith on the Worker's comp agreement
State Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith said "Reform of the State's Workers' Compensation system has been one of the most contentious issues facing our State Government. The fact that both the Business Council of New York and the AFL-CIO are supportive of the Governor's proposal speaks volumes about the merits of the agreement. Once again message delivered, message received, action taken."


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Senate Minority Applaud Bonacic Measure to Equalize Resources Among Legislators

Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith today applauded Senator John Bonacic (R-New Paltz) for introducing a measure requiring that all Legislators receive equal allocations to run their offices and serve their constituents.

Smith noted the measure is one long supported by Senate Minority, most recently during the adoption of Senate Rules.

"This is a true reform measure," Smith said. "It would ensure that all New Yorkers receive adequate and equal representation, as guaranteed by our Constitution."

Bonacic’s measure would provide "reasonable additional assistance for Committee Chairs and Ranking Members," who have additional responsibilities.

Smith said he is pleased "members of the Majority conference are adopting the reform measures that Senate Minority has long advocated. Real changes and real reform are finally coming to Albany and to the State Senate."


Friday, March 2, 2007


Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith said the ethics reform bill passed by the State Senate today "contains many of the provisions Senate Minority have been trying for years to enact."

Smith noted that the Senate Minority Conference attempted in January to reform the rules of the Senate to make it more accountable and responsive to the people of New York. The proposals were rejected by the Majority.

In the three most recent Senate elections, The Senate Minority voiced a strong reform message and emerged victorious in districts that had been represented by the Majortiy.

Newly-elected State Senator Craig Johnson (D-Port Washington) who won a February 6 special election, said "One reason health care and property taxes have soared over the last decade is that our Legislature has been too dysfunctional to appropriately address the issue. This measure brings us closer to our goal of a properly functioning State government, which for the people of New York will be a less expensive State government."

Andrea Stewart-Cousins (D-Yonkers) who defeated a 20 year Senante Majority incumbent in 2006, said the ethics reform bill "brings us closer to fulfilling the promise we made to voters to bring real change to Albany. Senate Democrats will continue the fight to make our State Government accountable and responsive to the people."

Senator David J. Valesky (D-Oneida) a vocal proponent of reform who first came to Albany in 2004, said "this measure is a positive step towards a State Government that has the full faith and confidence of the people it represents." Valesky credited Governor Spitzer for "using his mandate to smash the status quo," and noted that the Governor set the tone for ethics reform shortly after taking office when he initiated changes in the regulations governing the Executive’s office.

The bill passed by the Senate includes anti-nepotism provisions, today:

· Prohibits gifts from lobbyists and their clients of more than nominal value, including travel, lodging and other expenses, and broaden the types of lobbying activities  that lobbyists must disclose; 

 · Prohibits elected government officials and candidates for elected local, state or federal office from appearing in taxpayer-funded advertisements;

· Closes the "revolving door" loophole by prohibiting former legislative employees from directly lobbying the Legislature for two years, and expands the revolving door restrictions for Executive Chamber employees to preclude appearances before any state agency;

 · Prohibits non-legislative employees from using their authority or influence to "compel or induce" any other employee to make political contributions;

· Prohibits state employees from participating in any personnel decision or contracting matter concerning a relative.



Friday, February 23, 2007

Senator Smith Speaking at NYS Inter-Agency Black History Month Celebration

Good Morning! I wanted to let everyone on my team know that I will be speaking today at the New York State Inter-Agency Black History Month Celebration, an event celebrating the story of Africans in the Americas. The program, which begins at noon, will be held in ESP Meeting Room 6.

I hope that many of you will be able to attend and lend your support for Black History Month, an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of the past, and in our dreams for the future. I look forward to seeing you later today.